Better seafood, delivered from a better place

The pristine waters off the Patagonian coast embrace an island where ancient tales of a mermaid dancing to fill the sea with fish remind us of the timeless value of nature’s gifts. We use today’s most advanced aquaculture practices to ensure the health of this place and the seafood we share with you. One bite of the pure, fresh taste will make you a believer in our legendary seafood too.


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Our not-so-secret difference

Total Transparency from Clearer Waters & Ways

The key to sharing the sea’s best seafood is no secret; it lies in capturing all the fresh, healthy flavor the ocean can provide. Our island home nestled between the open waters and coast of southern Chile is the ideal environment for raising the naturally pure fish that our four-star BAP rating certifies.

Sustaining Fish and Our Future

State-of-the-art aquaculture practices sustain our salmon through every stage of growth and the natural balance that protects this pure part of the world. That twin focus delivers the most flavorful seafood available today while taking a stake in ensuring the health of tomorrow’s world too.

Chef Ambassador Carolina Bazan  @chinoise

Exceptional seafood, raised for pros in the know

Our salmon meets the highest standards set by Secret Island’s community of award-winning Chef Ambassadors.

Secret Island salmon’s firm-but-flaky texture and succulent taste make it the perfect base for the kind of culinary creations that have earned a place on the menus of our community of award-winning Chef Ambassadors. But there’s also a world of quick and easy ways for you to make a delicious difference in your dishes too!

dive in deeper to explore our recipes >


The interNET is FILLED 😜 with misinformation about #farmedsalmon, so we're here to share the latest + greatest advances in aquaculture!  Follow along to learn why farm-raised salmon is a greener path forward to feed a growing population.

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May we offer a light lunch that isn't leftovers?  Teriyaki Salmon Bowl 🐟 🥣

Find this, and more at the link in bio 🔗

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This #GivingTuesday, we're proud to support @SeaShareOrg with a donation of 1,000 pounds of Secret Island Salmon.

Sea Share's mission is to improve nutrition for the people served by food banks and feeding centers with nutrient-dense seafood meals, and is in lockstep with our mission  to make sustainable seafood accessible to all💙

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Not really, but we are hanging up the “closed” sign on our shop for a bit. But we PROMISE it’s because we’ve got good news on the horizon 🌅 So, get your salmon orders in soon, because we’re closing down shop THIS FRIDAY 11/24 to get our ducks (and salmon) in a row so that we can come back bigger and brighter in the new year!


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