Is there actually a Secret Island?

Our base of operations and where we source our Salmon from is in and around the island of Chiloé in the south of Chilean Patagonia. This island and the surrounding cold waters are renowned for the quality of its seafood and also has a rich history of myths and legends that have been told for generations.  We’re excited to share both the tradition of quality seafood and the magic of the island with you!

What makes Secret Island Salmon special?

The aquaculture (seafood farming) industry has developed a term to describe the unique sense of place and flavors that certain waters impart on the products—merroir. Although this term is usually reserved to shellfish and tidal currents we like to think that it applies to any body of water that is unique.

We are fortunate to have our base of operations in and around the island of Chiloé in the south of Chilean Patagonia. The waters around Chiloé are legendary for being cold, pure and pristine—these elements all impart an amazing flavor to our product – clean eating with a great fat content – just the way salmon should be.

Our team is proud to lead the industry with sustainable aquaculture practices and are constantly working to improve every aspect of our supply chain.

Secret Island Salmon is also flash frozen at peak freshness within hours of being harvested, ensuring that we offer the absolute highest quality product with each and every order!

How does Secret Island Salmon get from Patagonia to my doorstep?

Good question! Secret Island is fully vertically integrated from ocean to plate—meaning our parent company, Salmones Austral, operates every step of our supply chain. We are therefore able to process Secret Island Salmon within hours of harvest, ensuring that each and every portion is vacuum sealed and individually flash frozen at peak freshness.

Once the product is fully processed, we ship it to our distribution partners in the United States where it is packaged and kept in state of the art cold storage.

Our team then hand packs your Secret Island Salmon to order and ships it to your home via FedEx Ground service which typically arrives within 2-3 business days.

How do I know when my order is going to arrive?

When you place your order for Secret Island Salmon, our team packs every box by hand usually within 12-24 hours. Your order is then shipped on the next available business day via FedEx Ground service—typically arriving to your home within 2-3 business days.

You will also receive emails from our team alerting you to your Order and Shipping Status, so you can track your package along its route.

Where can I find the Nutrition Facts?

You can find the Nutrition Facts for each of our delicious salmon choices here.

Wait, Secret Island Salmon is frozen?

Yes—it’s no secret! With over 25 years of industry expertise, we believe that the freshest and highest quality salmon we can provide our home cooks is one that is flash frozen at peak freshness within hours of harvest.

The technology that we use includes liquid nitrogen blast tunnel freezers (yes, it’s as cool as it sounds) that instantly individually freezes each and every portion thereby preserving the freshness of the product at the moment of peak quality.

What’s the best way to store Secret Island Salmon?

We ship all our orders with careful packaging and dry ice that ensures it’ll remain cold for several days, but we recommend putting your Secret Island Salmon order into your freezer as soon as possible after receiving it.

When you’re ready to eat Secret Island Salmon, we recommend thawing your desired number of individual portions out under refrigeration for 12-18 hours prior to cooking.

It’s time to cook a delicious meal! Take your Secret Island Salmon out of its vacuum sealed package and pat dry with a paper towel to remove excess moisture. Need ideas or inspiration on what to cook? Check out these recipes.

What if there’s something wrong with my order?

We will take care of it and offer a quick solution. Please contact us and let us know your Order Number and the details of the issue – our team of experts will be on the case!

Can I create a subscription order for my Secret Island Salmon?

Yes—we make it easy to received any amount of Secret Island Salmon on a regular basis depending on your desired frequency and dietary requirements. Whether you have a lot of mouths to feed, are following a specific nutrition plan or just really, really love our Salmon, you can choose to receive orders Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Simply select your desired delivery frequency on our shop page and proceed as normal with the checkout process. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time—because we get it—life happens! Just login to your account dashboard or contact us to give us a heads up.

Subscription discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.

Does Secret Island charge for shipping?

We believe in being transparent, so we’re pricing our products honestly and choose to keep shipping out of the cost equation of the product itself. Our U.S. based fulfillment centers are strategically located in close proximity to most major population centers and we’re able to deliver our seafood within 2-3 days.

We use a flat-rate of $10 and use FedEx Ground for the most reliable and cost-efficient delivery. We do offer Free Shipping on orders over $145.

Does Secret Island have a refund policy or quality guarantee?

Secret Island ships premium quality frozen seafood with amazing flavor guaranteed in every bite.  Our legendary seafood is flash frozen at peak freshness and is perishable by nature, because of this, all sales are final.

We want to ensure an amazing experience with our seafood so if there is ever a material issue with the products in your order resulting from damages to packaging or shipping delays just contact us within 24 hours at contact us.

Please be sure to include your name, order number and a brief description of the issue and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

We’re always looking to improve our processes and offer more value to our amazing community. Have an idea for something we can be doing differently – or better? Reach out and contact us.

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