It’s widely known that the ideal diet contains an array of vitamins and minerals that allow our bodies and minds to thrive. But, do you ever stop to think about how the environment plays a role in your food choices? 

Balancing a sustainable diet means that you’re actively aware of the environmental impact, economical effect, health benefits, and nutritional value of your food. Eating salmon is a great way to achieve this equilibrium. 

Promotes Weight Management

Not only is it a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is a type of heart-healthy fat that has been proven to decrease inflammation and support brain health, it also is a great source of protein. Because protein is able to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time due to its ability to regulate your hormones, you’re less likely to snack following a meal. The omega-3 fatty acids also play a role in promoting this weight loss by decreasing stomach fat and boosting your metabolic rate. 

Reduces Your Risk of Diseases

We call salmon healthy food for a reason. It contains naturally occuring Vitamin D which assist in processes such as maintaining brain and neurological functions, repairing and replacing DNA, supporting bone health, and converting food into energy. Furthermore, it also helps to reduce the risk of diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and even certain cancers as it works as a barrier to these unwanted chemicals. 

Keeps You Looking (and Feeling) Young 

You heard that right: salmon is great for your skin. Like we mentioned earlier, this sustainable seafood contains a high amount of omega-3. These healthy fatty acids aid in giving you a more youthful complexion as they create a healthy oil that keeps your body hydrated from the inside out. What’s more is that Secret Island makes it convenient and easy to prepare this healthy meal. No meal prep induced wrinkles here. 

At Secret Island, we are committed to developing a world where sustainable seafood is accessible to all. Eco-friendly in production and delivery, our salmon is the perfect missing piece to your healthy and sustainable diet

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