Fish has long been considered a healthy and delicious option in many diets. It’s not hard to see why! It’s an affordable meal option with tons of recipe variety in both preparation and flavor. The versatility and rich flavor make salmon one of the most popular seafood options for home chefs. Given its popularity, just how healthy is salmon?

Why is Salmon a Healthy Meal?

Salmon is Packed with Protein

Whether you’re in the gym every day or just want to make sure you hit your protein goals, salmon is the perfect way to meet your daily protein target. 3.5oz of salmon has about 20 grams of protein, which combined with a high protein vegetable like brussells sprouts, makes for the perfect lunch or dinner. In addition to helping aid muscle development, protein keeps you full for longer.

In terms of seafood, it’s one of the best options for pure protein value. Given how convenient it is to buy high-quality salmon, this should be a first-choice option for a high protein diet.

Salmon is Heart Healthy

Looking to reduce the risk of heart-related issues? Look no further than salmon and its healthy omega-3s. These fatty acids are linked to reducing blood pressure, blood clots, and inflammation. Incorporating salmon into your diet is an easy way to decrease these risk factors and improve your overall health. 

Omega-3s Improves Brain Function

As if helping combat heart disease wasn’t enough, the fatty acids found in salmon also provide benefits to your brain. Studies have shown that omega-3s provide a favorable impact on brain function and improve cognitive function. While some take fish oil pills for their dose of omega-3s, eating salmon provides a more complete nutritional profile, while still offering these healthy fatty acids.

Another reason to shop with Secret Island? Sustainably farm-raised salmon have been shown to have more Omega-3s than wild salmon. In addition to being more eco-friendly, sustainable salmon is also healthier!

Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, incorporate more fish into it, or find your next healthy meal, Secret Island offers the best salmon online. Check out Secret Island’s sustainable salmon options and order some today!

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