Our fish is the stuff of legends, and we want to let you in on seven of our best-kept salmon secrets! Read more to find out why you should add our fresh, flash-frozen products to your plate.

  1. Great Source of Omega-3
    According to the FDA, salmon is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Unlike other fats, Omega-3 is essential to your diet and can help manage blood pressure, lower your risk of heart disease, and improve overall eye health.

  2. Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
    Salmon is an excellent way to fulfill your recommended Vitamin B intake. These nutrients are involved in several important bodily processes including turning food into energy, repairing and replacing DNA, and maintaining optimal brain and neurological functions.


  3. Goodbye, Excess Weight
    Did you know salmon can also assist with weight control? Studies have shown consuming fresh salmon frequently regulates the hormones that manage your appetite and can make you feel fuller longer. With salmon being very low in calories—the average serving fewer than 182—your body can lose belly fat and boost your metabolic rate.

  4. A Million Possibilities
    Besides the numerous health benefits of salmon, this food is extremely versatile when it comes to cooking. There are infinite ways to prepare your salmon, from pan-seared to grilled fillets.


  5. The Perfect Temperature
    The most common mistake when cooking salmon is overheating. If you’re using a grill or pan, always sear salmon skin-side down on high heat until the fillet is crispy. You want to cook it 90% of the way through—around three minutes—until you flip to the other side!

  6. Filled With Flavor
    Want to make your salmon really sizzle? Try marinating your salmon to balance the flavor. Soaking your salmon in a simple mixture of lemon juice and olive oil before it cooks adds an extra pop of taste to the final product.

  7. The No Mess Test
    A little-known cooking trick? When you’re grilling the salmon, grill it with the skin on; this helps hold the fish together and prevents the product from sticking onto the broiler.

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