Eating a diet of unprocessed foods has proven health benefits, which is why the popularity of the Whole30 diet is unsurprising. It’s spawned countless recipes, not to mention books, guides, and a plethora of internet resources. 

Salmon and the Whole30 Diet

The diet features unique food staples including ghee, coconut, olives, and more. But what about salmon? Does this healthy seafood have a place in this hit diet?

Why is Salmon Perfect for Whole30?

The qualities that make salmon an amazing meal are also what make it perfect for an unprocessed diet. In addition to needing minimal prep to create a delicious entree, salmon is incredibly flexible. Looking for something spicy, sweet, refreshing, or rich? Salmon takes on these flavors with ease and plays well with numerous Whole30 oils, vegetables, and sides. 

These characteristics, combined with the preparation options—baked, grilled, roasted, etc.—make it perfect for adding a little variety to your diet. Cooking salmon is relatively straightforward, so there’s no need for professional cooking skills to enjoy it.

How do I Start Eating More Whole Foods?

An important part of successfully sticking to a diet of whole foods is becoming familiar with your options. For example, dive into the details of why salmon is such a healthy option. Not only is it a reminder of why you’re making these dietary changes, but it offers a new lens through which to view your food.

Another crucial component is finding amazing recipes that adhere to these whole food parameters. A great place to start is this kale salad with salmon. It’s Whole30 compliant and creates a filling meal that tastes delicious. It’s not complicated either, making it perfect for Whole30 newcomers.

To stock up on this healthy eating staple, check out the best sustainable salmon online today from Secret Island and experience the incredible quality.

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