Our obsession with putting legendary ocean-fresh salmon on your plate inspired Secret Island’s investment in the places and processes that can ensure we make good on that promise.

But while our state-of-the-art facilities may house professional aquaculture experts using technically advanced equipment, all are aligned to mirror nature’s elegant plan for fish growth.

Secret Island’s ideal location on the isle of Chiloé nestled next to the Patagonian Coast grants access to the natural ecosystems that support the seven stages of salmon growth. Our hatchery on the Reloncaví Estuary hosts a collection of buildings where newly spawned salmon are carefully protected as they cling to gravel beds. After maturing, they’re moved to the freshwater tanks that can nurture their further growth.

After a few months, these juvenile salmon make the nearby move to a small peninsula bordered by a mountain-fed stream.

The freshwater facility here at our Arrayanes location is a far cry from traditional aquaculture operations. Ninety-nine percent of its water is recirculated. Our industry-leading technology represents the next wave of advanced aquaculture growth. It uses 100 times less water than its conventional counterparts.

Our next stop for our salmon stock is the open ocean that can support large fish best.

The majority of these 40 sites surround our island home. Each serves as a floating operational hub supporting the crew and technical equipment needed to monitor and care for our fish until they’re fully grown. High-tech monitors, constant visual inspections, and interval-timed feeding of 100% natural, gluten-free feed all ensure their healthy, stress-free development in deepwater pens.

Finally, our two processing facilities located just north and south of the island are engineered with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point systems that represent the highest standard of food safety processing available today.

The whole salmon received here are quickly portioned, flash-frozen, and packaged only hours after harvest. The proof of the value of that process is the fresh-caught taste and texture you’ll find on your plate.

Putting it there fulfills one part of Secret Island’s mission of creating a world where sustainable seafood is accessible to all. Another is our continuing preservation of the pristine place we’re so grateful to call our island home. But most importantly, we believe the continued pursuit of the advanced aquaculture technology and practices responsible for our delicious fish can help shape a future where both people and our planet thrive. 

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