Our Chilean salmon is one-of-a-kind. From the process in which salmon are raised to the versatility and flavor of the fish itself, there are countless reasons to give Chilean salmon a try. Want to know more about Secret Island Salmon? Check out these 5 facts!

5 Facts Behind Our Chilean Salmon

1. Chilean Salmon is Super Healthy

Chilean salmon is one of the healthiest seafood options out there. Filled with Omega-3s and antioxidants, these fish help protect against certain diseases and heart issues. The vitamins and fatty acids found in salmon also improve energy levels, manage blood pressure, and improve overall brain health. 

It’s even possible to incorporate salmon into certain diets including Whole30.

2. An Unbelievable Location

It should come as no surprise that Secret Island’s amazing salmon are found off the coast of Chile. In fact, they’re raised off the island of Chiloè, found in the Pacific near Patagonia. The region of Los Lagos is known for producing a great deal of the world’s Chilean salmon and is home to the magic of Secret Island.

3. A Unique Process

Our approach to Chilean Salmon ensures our customers receive the highest quality salmon possible. From the freshwater centers in Chile to packaging and shipping to your home, the ocean-to-plate journey of our salmon creates an unbeatable experience. This process is what enables us to lock in freshness and preserve the natural flavor of the salmon.

4. A Sustainable Mission

Secret Island is dedicated to creating a sustainable environment for Chilean salmon. Protecting the salmon population is one of our most important goals. We are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified, which promises sustainability at each step of the aquaculture production chain. With help from the Global Salmon Initiative, we can build a more sustainable future for the ocean’s ecosystem.

5. Delicious Flavors and Recipes

Chilean salmon are some of the most versatile and delicious types of seafood. From salmon power bowls to quick-cured salmon with dill pickled apples and crispy salmon skin, there are recipes ranging from easy week-day lunches to beautiful, complex dinners.

To experience the incredible high-quality Chilean salmon, check out the best salmon online from Secret Island and enjoy!

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