Buying and preparing sustainable seafood in 2021 has never been easier. With Secret Island’s flash-frozen salmon shipping to your home, you’re able to enjoy all the benefits that sustainable seafood has to offer. 

In addition to being a delicious meal option, sustainable salmon is a smart choice for yourself and our world’s growing population. Want to learn how? Check out these benefits of sustainable seafood.

Sustainable Salmon is Healthy

Salmon’s popularity is partially thanks to its nutritional value and health benefits. These fish are high in protein, making them the perfect choice for a post-workout meal or a weekly dinner staple. Salmon is also packed with important nutrients including omega-3s, vitamins B12 and D, and potassium. 

Secret Island salmon offers all of these health benefits, plus the promise of sustainable and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified fish. Since our fish is flash-frozen at peak freshness, the full extent of the health benefits is preserved. 

Sustainable Salmon is Eco-Friendly

The high standards of sustainability guarantee an eco-friendly approach to salmon farming. In order to protect the wild sea life population in Chile and across the globe, sustainable seafood is one of the best ways to support conservation efforts. Each step of the aquaculture production chain purposefully focuses on the environment, food safety, animal welfare, and more to ensure sustainability practices.

Secret Island is committed to providing the best sustainable seafood option for salmon lovers looking for convenient, eco-friendly options for their favorite meals.

Sustainable Salmon is High Quality

In addition to being good for your body and the environment, sustainable salmon meets high-quality standards before it’s shipped. In addition to meeting BPA standards, Secret Island provides the best salmon sourced from Southern Chile and promises the fish is flash-frozen at peak freshness. Whether you’re a professional chef or just want to ensure world-class quality seafood for your home kitchen, Secret Island has you covered.
Check out Secret Island’s sustainable salmon options and order some today!

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