Located 20 minutes off of Chile’s crystal-clear coast sits Chiloé Island, the home of Secret Island’s sustainable salmon centers.

For over 7,000 years, this tear-shaped formation (originally molded from lava and debris) has served as a focal point for fish and folklore. With scenery often described as “unworldly,” and colorful stilt houses and wooden churches lining the streets, Chiloé Island is rooted in legend and intrigue. So, what are some of the isle’s not-so-hidden secrets?

  1. The Siren Sound
    One of the most famous myths that surrounds Chiloé Island is La Pincoya. With long, flowing blonde hair and golden scales, it is rumored that this siren was commanded by her father—the ruler of the sea—to ensure all of the fish that inhabit Chiloé’s pure waters are protected…salmon included!

  2. A Bump in the Night
    Of course, no island is complete without a ghost ship legend, and Chiloé is no exception. El Caleuche (pronounced Kah-leh-ooh-tcheh) is a mysterious vessel staffed by haunted fishermen who were carried to the sea by a magical horse. Capable of traveling above and below the water, inhabitants of Chiloé Island often report seeing the ship through dark, dense fog, with alluring music and sounds of partying on board.

  3. The Serpent Creation
    Although documents state that Chiloé was formed from lava and debris, legend has it the island was actually created by a Water God. In the myth, the Water God rose from the depths of the sea as a serpent with an intent to drown the lowlands of Coastal Chile. However, the God of the Earth battled this creature and ultimately prevailed, but was unable to reunite the islands with the mainland. The result? The creation of the Chiloé archipelago.

    A dense forest made up of trees overgrown with leaves sits atop a sunken moss bed

  4. The Tricky Troll
    Sirens, Sailors, and Trolls—oh my! One of the most legendary creatures that lives on Chiloé Island is a troll named El Trauco. As the island’s resident trickster, El Trauco resides in the isle’s wooded areas, waiting for young women to pass by so he can deceive them into falling in love.

  5. A Plethora of Plants
    Mystical mermaids and slippery serpents aren’t the only secrets you’ll find hidden among this industrial port city. Chiloé Island is home to the most diverse plant life in Chile! More than 1,000 unique species of terrestrial plants reside in the archipelago.

  6. The Sunken Forest
    Another not-so-hidden secret? Tucked away in the Chepu region of Chiloé, you’ll find the sunken forest. In 1960, an earthquake rattled the area and dropped the ground level seven feet! Saltwater instantly flooded the woodland, killing every tree in its path. With the ground no longer visible, the forest appears to be rising out of the waters, captivating residents and tourists alike.

With a culture so rich, it’s no wonder we take great pride in our products. You too can take home the essence of Chiloé when you buy any of our Chilean Salmon.

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