Not all salmon is created equal. Whether you want to recreate a popular salmon recipe or whip up your favorite seafood meal, high-quality salmon can make all the difference when it comes to the flavor of the finished product.

Read on to learn more about why Secret Island is the best place to buy salmon online that tastes great and is conveniently delivered right to your door.

Best Qualities in Flash-Frozen Salmon

When you buy salmon online from Secret Island, you’re receiving fish that has been flash-frozen within hours of harvest to preserve its natural flavor. This is thanks to our Fresh Water Centers that are located in various communities in Chile. These fish farms handle the incubation of Atlantic and Coho Salmon from the ova to the smolt stage, which can take about 10 months.

During this time, our collaborators ensure the fish are receiving the best quality food, light and oxygenation conditions to remain healthy. From there, our salmon is transferred to one of the more than 20 Sea Water Centers to be reared and fattened until they reach the ideal weight to be processed and shipped.

Along with growing salmon in sustainable environmental conditions and the care of our collaborators, we also utilize state-of-the-art technology that helps guarantee the safety and well-being of the fish. After all, healthy fish are tasty fish!

With two process plants also in the Los Lagos region, we have the ability to quickly harvest and flash freeze salmon at peak freshness while effectively speeding up distribution to our clients. The entire harvesting to packaging process only takes hours thanks to our strategic placement and advanced technology to preserve the natural flavor of the salmon that will shine through in your recipes.

Flash-Frozen Salmon Delivered to Your Door

Next time you want to cook up a salmon dish, look no further than Secret Island. Buying premium quality salmon online has never been easier (or more delicious). As a fully vertically integrated organization our parent company, Salmones Austral, has full control of every step of our supply chain from ocean to plate.

This ensures that each and every portion of salmon is vacuum sealed and individually frozen at peak freshness before being shipped and kept in state-of-the-art cold storage. All orders are shipped via FedEx ground service from our U.S. based distribution centers to arrive at your front door within 1-2 business days.

Buy salmon online today from Secret Island and experience the superior quality for yourself.

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