Looking to take your dinner plans to the next level? Skip the grocery store fish counter and get higher quality salmon online. No more questions about where your fish is sourced from or how fresh it is. Secret Island offers online ordering with all the information you need to make an informed purchase for your next delicious meal.

Why You Should Order Fish Online


Standing in line at the grocery store is never fun, especially when it can easily be avoided! With Secret Island’s pain-free ordering process, you can easily buy the best salmon online without any hassle. Making a purchase is quick and easy, plus our home delivery process brings portioned salmon straight to your door. Visit our shop today to experience the stress-free ordering process.


Do you know if the salmon at your local grocery store is sustainably sourced? Do you know what part of the world it comes from? With Secret Island’s salmon, our process from processing the fish in the beautiful Los Lagos region of Chile to flash-freezing and packaging the salmon for delivery is at the forefront of our identity. 


Secret Island promises sustainably sourced salmon, a promise that can’t be made by every grocery store. The importance of sustainability is one of our key focuses and with shipping straight to your home, it’s never been easier to eat sustainably. Whether you’re interested in preserving the ocean’s ecosystem or protecting the salmon population, Secret Island’s online delivery makes it possible.


If you need even more reasons to choose sustainable seafood, sustainably farmed salmon is higher in Omega-3s than wild salmon. Salmon is one of the healthiest types of seafood and ordering it online makes it even easier to make the healthy choice. Not only are there countless delicious ways to prepare salmon, but there are also almost as many health benefits. From being packed with protein to providing a ton of Vitamin D, you can’t go wrong by choosing salmon for dinner.

Secret Island offers multiple quantity options so you can buy based on your needs and lifestyle. Check out Secret Island’s online salmon options and order today! While you wait, check out our recipes and tips for preparing an unforgettable meal.

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