Secret Island has gained a reputation for delicious and convenient salmon delivery. Even with word of Secret Island’s amazing delivery spreading, there are still some secrets behind what drives us to create the best dining experiences. 

Our roots in Chiloé have given us amazing salmon, a dedication to sustainability, and the natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia. It’s also given us La Pincoya, whose legend has been woven into Secret Island’s history and culture.

La Pincoya and the Secret of Secret Island

The seas surrounding Chiloé Island are fundamental to Secret Island’s existence. Our seawater centers call these waters home and the pristine nature allows for the perfect conditions for raising salmon. 

We also have La Pincoya to thank for this unmatched environment. This mermaid-like Chilean legend is said to patrol the beaches, protect the pristine oceans, and bring plentiful bounties of fish to the island. Her dances indicate when and if fishermen can expect good fishing. 

La Pincoya is renowned for interacting with fishermen and women, and has become an iconic representation of Chiloè. There’s no better representation of Chilean fishing culture than this legendary figure.

Secret Island logo in blue

When Secret Island launched in 2021, La Pincoya became part of our logo and identity. We wanted something as legendary as our salmon to represent our brand.

Check out Secret Island’s portioned salmon filets and experience the amazing quality of Chilean seafood.

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