Less than 20 percent of people stick with their New Year’s resolution, but there are so many ways to make things easier! Healthy eating is one of the most common promises people make to themselves and the simplicity of having healthy foods delivered straight to their door makes it more achievable than ever. 

Here are some tips for keeping your healthy eating resolution!

How to Eat Healthy in 2022

Start Buying Food Online

With services like Secret Island offering healthy seafood options shipped directly to your door, you can kickstart your healthy eating journey in 2022 without leaving the house. If shopping for healthy food is what’s holding you back, buy online and remove some of that stress. Subscribing to a healthy protein delivery like salmon can assist in helping achieve these healthy eating goals.

The ease of placing an order saves time and makes it easy to understand where your food is coming from. Learning where your food is sourced from—the pure cold waters off the coast of Chilean Patagonia—makes for a more personal cooking experience, which isn’t found often at the grocery store.

Eat a Variety of Foods

If your healthier diet consists only of salads, you’re going to get bored quickly. Creating a variety of meals not only keeps things exciting but allows for you to get the necessary nutrients to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle. Salmon is a perfect high protein option for your next meal, plus it’s filled with helpful nutrients and vitamins like B vitamins and Omega 3 that are heart-healthy. 

Protein-packed foods like Secret Island salmon aren’t just great for building muscle. They also keep you feeling full for longer and provide you with energy to take on the day. 

In addition to being healthy, salmon is also a versatile ingredient. Try a Sriracha Salmon Power Bowl for a filling and delicious weekday lunch or dinner. Check our other salmon recipes for more healthy ideas.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

In addition to saving you time, meal prepping sets you up to stay on track with your healthy journey. Creating nutritious meals in advance keeps you full, minimizing snacking, and prepared, so you don’t opt for grabbing a less healthy alternative like fast food. Cooking something like Sheet Pan Teryaki Salmon is perfect, because it’s simple to make and can be portioned for multiple meals.

Creating meals in advance for the week relieves the stress of making decisions each day to eat healthy—making it easier to stick to your New Year’s resolution. Set aside a designated day for meal prepping and you’ll make healthy eating a habit in no time.
If you’re looking for help sticking to your healthy resolution check out the best sustainable salmon online today from Secret Island and start your year off with unmatched quality.

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