Secret Island salmon’s ocean to plate story showcases our commitment to providing the highest quality seafood and transparency. Learning how your food gets from Chile to your home adds new layers to your cooking experience and overall enjoyment.

Learn the process of how Secret Island Salmon goes from the ocean to your plate!

Secret Island Salmon’s Ocean to Plate Journey


The process begins with pristine freshwater centers and lakes. Our process is both environmentally and sustainably conscious, ensuring a healthy future for the salmon population. By raising the salmon in this environment, customers are guaranteed an amazing quality of seafood. Our land-based freshwater facilities are 99% water efficient, which means they reuse 99% of their water. This helps us reach the goal of creating a sustainable business. 


The gorgeous waters of Chilean Patagonia are where Secret Island Salmon mature. Off the island of Chiloé, salmon follow a natural migration process to grow. Our state-of-the-art seawater centers allow us to monitor the status and safety of the salmon. 

This is where the salmon spend most of their lives. Secret Island salmon are antibiotic-free and raised in the Patagonian Fjords, where the cold waters produce a more flavorful salmon than what’s available at most local markets.


When fish are ready to harvest, our team processes them within hours of harvest for peak freshness. The salmon is portioned and flash-frozen at our processing centers in Southern Chile. With multiple processing locations, our salmon is able to get to your home quicker. While traditional fishing boats keep salmon onboard for days or even weeks, Secret Island’s process promises freshness you can taste in every bite.


The frozen salmon is then vacuum-sealed and boxed to prepare for distribution. After arriving at our U.S. shipping center, our salmon is packed into boxes and shipped daily via FedEx. This ensures you get your salmon as quickly as possible.


Once your salmon arrives, it’s time for the best part. Our high-quality, flash-frozen fish arrives directly at your door and is ready to turn into your next delicious meal. Try one of Secret Island’s salmon recipes or create your own! 
Want to experience the ocean to plate journey for yourself? Check out Secret Island’s sustainable salmon options and order today!

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