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The Top 14 Seafood Delivery Services You Should Know About

“Do you love enjoying fresh and delicious seafood during your trips to the beach? Are you tired of being disappointed with the selection or the quality of seafood that you can find in your local grocery store? Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until your next trip to the coast to enjoy incredible seafood. In fact, you can do so without even leaving your home.”


“Secret Island ships sustainable salmon from the coast of Patagonia. In addition to being high in omega-3s, free of GMOs, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly, the company’s salmon is known for having a flaky texture and incredible taste. If you’re looking to eat more salmon, you’ll appreciate all of the different options available from Secret Island. The company offers both Atlantic salmon and Coho salmon. Beyond these two different salmon species, you’ll also be able to choose from marinated blackened salmon or whiskey teriyaki salmon, salmon burgers, salmon hot dogs, and even smoked salmon bacon.”

“This seafood delivery company offers free shipping on any orders that are more than $145. You’ll be charged a $10 shipping fee for orders under $145. Additionally, a minimum order of $45 is required to make a purchase. Most offers will ship by the next business day and are delivered within two to three days.”

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