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From salmon to shrimp and scallops, these services deliver the best from sea to table.

“Seafood with all its variety can be mysterious and overwhelming. How often have you stood at the fish counter and not known where to begin in terms of size, cut, skin off or on and which preparation methods are best? Seafood delivery services simplify it all and deliver fish fresher than you are likely able to find at the grocery store. Many deliver seafood that has been flash-frozen right on the boat, preserving its freshness. No matter what your preference may be, there are seafood delivery services fit for every palate.”

“The experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition Lab conducted an extensive review of over 40 popular seafood and meat delivery services over the course of three months to find the best of the best. We even sent the boxes to home cooks across the nation for real-life testing feedback. Our evaluations focused on quality, taste, selection, ethical fishing practices, sustainability and more. Services that sent undersized servings and poor-quality cuts didn’t make the grade, nor did those whose fish lacked a fresh and mild smell, shiny skin, firmness and flavor. We also looked at packaging to evaluate if fish arrived hard frozen or chilled to an appropriate temperature. Here are the best fish delivery services of 2023, according to experts and testers.”


“Secret Island is “on a mission to make sustainably raised seafood accessible to all,” according to the company. They accomplish this by using sustainable aquaculture farming practices to be able to deliver their product. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sustainable aquaculture is vital to increasing food production. Additionally, the company states it is building a supply chain and model that will allow it to offer its products nationwide in the hopes that nutritious, sustainable and delicious seafood can become a regular part of everyone’s diet. Secret Island’s sustainably sourced Chilean salmon is flash-frozen within hours of harvest in Chilean Patagonia to bring customers the freshest fish possible. The company is Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified, Aquaculture Stewardship (ASC) certified and Kosher certified.”

How it works: Secret Island offers salmon products that are available to order either a la carte or through a subscription. Orders are shipped from one of the company’s distribution centers and delivered within two to three business days. Popular items include Atlantic salmon and coho salmon 12-packs in addition to whiskey teriyaki and blackened salmon four-packs. Other popular choices include their coho salmon “bacon” and salmon “hot dogs.”

Lab results: Secret Island scored big points with our experts for its sustainability and transparency efforts and its creative salmon options. Testers reported they loved the generous portions, fresh flavor and “great packaging.” One tester exclaimed, “The blackened salmon was delicious! Really enjoyed the quality and variety of products.”

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