The importance of sustainability, especially in seafood, is understandably at the forefront of many people’s buying decisions. Demand for seafood is rising, which presents multiple issues for the fishing industry and the fish population. Unfortunately, high demand also means overfishing. Experts are predicting that wild-caught seafood is expected to collapse by 2050 due to this demand.

Overfishing in the salmon industry, along with other factors including increased demand and the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems, has placed sustainability among the top priorities at Secret Island. Sustainable fishing “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

 Learn more about our focus on sustainable seafood and why it’s so important. 

Why is Secret Island salmon sustainable?

Secret Island believes in creating a world-class product, both in taste and ethical aquaculture. Creating eco-friendly seafood options helps the planet, the marine life of Patagonia, and salmon lovers everywhere. A sustainable future for salmon allows us to enjoy it for years to come. 

We’re proud of our roots in Chiloé and are dedicated to protecting the oceans that have given us amazing seafood. Secret Island utilizes environmentally responsible and sustainable farming methods to help combat overfishing and prevent other negative impacts on the environment. We are also committed to leading our industry to a more sustainable and ethical future; working in partnership with other aquaculture companies, third parties, and thought-leaders to continue improving our processes and products.

Secret Island is Proudly BAP Certified 


Our BAP Certification showcases our commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices. This certification provides seafood lovers with an easy way of finding high-quality, ethically farmed fish. 

BAP has a strict list of guidelines that need to be met for certification. Secret Island was comprehensively reviewed to meet BAP standards and is proud to offer responsibly farmed salmon delivered straight to your door. 

The Best Aquaculture Practices certification programs address the four key areas of sustainability—environmental, social, food safety, and animal health & welfare.  BAP offers a comprehensive certification that covers the entire aquaculture supply chain including processing plants, farms, hatcheries and feed mills.  This ensures that our legendary salmon is ethically and environmentally responsible.

According to BAP, by 2030, 62% of all seafood produced for human consumption will come from aquaculture. Today it is more than 50 percent. We’re proud to work on the forefront of making sustainable seafood more accessible.

Looking to see what makes Secret Island one-of-a-kind? Check out Secret Island’s subscription salmon box or portioned salmon filets and order today.

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