Ever wonder how the best restaurants and professional chefs prepare such delicious and beautiful salmon dishes? With the right techniques and knowledge, you can do the same, no culinary classes are required. 

How to Prepare Salmon

Score the Salmon Skin

Want to know why world-famous chefs like Gordon Ramsey score their salmon? There are actually a couple of reasons! The first is that scoring the fish helps prevent the skin from curling during the cooking process. If you’re a fan of crispy skin, this is something you need to try next time you’re preparing your salmon. 

The second reason to score your salmon is to ensure an even browning. If the skin begins to curl, the edges lift off the pan and don’t brown as well as the center. Uneven cooking is a surefire way to tell a pro chef from a beginner.

Experiment with Flavors

Salmon is naturally rich and like other seafood, pairs perfectly with lemon. While it’s still a delicious pairing and a timeless combo, there are so many other flavors to incorporate into a salmon dish. Want something a little sweeter? Try oven-roasted salmon with honey orange glaze and Farro salad. The citrus and honey glaze bring summer vibes all year long.

If you’re looking to use some of those herbs in your fridge, Curtis Stone’s roasted salmon and beets with an herb vinaigrette is the way to go. It’s not too complicated to make and the mixed herbs create a refreshing bite.

Use High-Quality Fish

Even if you follow these tips perfectly, it won’t matter if the salmon itself is poor quality. Restaurant quality salmon needs to be unequivocally fresh or flash-frozen in order to preserve the flavor and texture. There are few things worse than bad fish, so make sure you do your research on where your salmon is coming from and how fresh it is, as well as when it was harvested and how it was processed.

The best way to ensure you’re cooking with high-quality salmon is to understand where and how your salmon is sourced. Ordering salmon from somewhere like Secret Island helps you understand these crucial details. Secret Island’s process for catching, packing, and delivering flash-frozen salmon to your home is detailed and guarantees high-quality fish.
Regardless of skill level, following these tips elevates any dinner to pro chef quality. Check out Secret Island’s sustainable salmon options and order some today!

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