You can still cook easy salmon recipes without sacrificing any delicious flavors! Even quick and simple recipes capitalize on salmon’s versatility and flavorful profile. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills or need some beginner-friendly recipes to add to your cooking resumè, these salmon dishes will impress even the most experienced chefs.

 Easy Salmon Recipes for Home Chefs

Pan-Seared Salmon with Mashed Sweet Potatoes + Greens

Pan searing is an important cooking technique to master, why not start with this salmon dish? Once the fish is in the pan, there’s no fancy technique. Just leave it to brown the skin while occasionally pressing down with a spatula. It’s so simple, yet it’s one of the best ways to prepare salmon. 

The sides are relatively simple and are perfect for countless dishes. The mashed potatoes are prepared beforehand and the greens don’t take long to cook. This quick and easy salmon recipe is a must-have in any home cook’s repertoire. 

Spiced Salmon with Green Herb Basmati Rice

Rice and salmon are the perfect combination for countless reasons. The rice is perfect for soaking up the sauce and spices, it’s easy to make, and it’s delicious. Rice and salmon are the perfect meal choice for something that’s filling, but won’t leave you feeling like you ate too much.

In addition to looking great when plating, it’s a breeze to make. The recipe outlines the perfect spice mix and making the rice beforehand allows you to concentrate on just the fish. 

Olive Oil Poached Salmon with Chilled Herb + Potato Salad

Poaching may seem complicated, but it’s actually simple! After creating a poaching liquid—a few ingredients in hot water or oil —you just need to add the salmon. It’s really that easy.

After impressing your family and friends with your new poaching skills, you can enjoy this fresh and delicious salmon. The potatoes have a good bite that contrasts the flakiness of the salmon nicely. 
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