Originally Published on The Boston Globe

The first bite of a Secret Island hot dog has the seasoning and texture you expect from a frank, but this hot dog is made of salmon.

By Ann Trieger Kurland

Seafood brand Secret Island sells salmon that has been sustainably harvested from aquaculture farms in Chilean Patagonia’s cool, pristine waters. Within hours of harvesting, the fish are flash-frozen. The company recently introduced new products that are useful for those who want to scale back on meat consumption, including the salmon hot dogs. With grilling season soon upon us, these would be a surprising and delicious addition to a cookout. They’re also an excellent canvas for the same condiments you might pile on beefy dogs. Another new item is Coho Salmon Bacon, crafted with the center-cut belly and lightly cured and smoked. Pan-searing the strips fills the kitchen with familiar bacon smells. Also, they crisp up nicely for breakfast foods, a BLT, or a Cobb salad.

Salmon burgers are a newcomer, too, which combine premium Atlantic salmon with 20 percent of the Coho salmon bacon, which adds a smoky flavor to the burgers. The patties grill quickly and char nicely. A six-pack of salmon hot dogs, an eight-pack of salmon bacon, and a three-pack of salmon burgers are each priced at $23.99. Shipping is $10 via FedEx; free for orders over $145.

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