As the seafood industry continues to expand and evolve, the need for sustainable, eco-friendly options grows. That’s where we come in.

With years of experience matched with strict sourcing regulations, our consumers know they’ll always receive food that helps preserve the planet.

Megellanic penguins on coast of Chiloé island.

Our Mission

At Secret Island, we are committed to developing a world where sustainable seafood is accessible to all. Our seafood upholds the highest levels of eco-friendly production and are certified with the standards of Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).

We’re proud of our Chilean roots and the rich stories of Chiloé, and we look forward to sharing the magic of Patagonia with you.

Gorse plant in front of Chiloé coast.

Regenerating Our Planet

We believe ethical aquaculture builds a world where seafood can be accessible to all while maintaining the wild seafood population levels and preserving the ocean’s ecosystems. So go on, create something legendary with our sustainable fish.

Best Aquacultural Practices logo

BAP Certification

Certification is verification that producers are following best practices to deliver farmed seafood safely and responsibly. Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is a seafood specific certification program that addresses the four key areas of sustainability—environmental, social, food safety, and animal health & welfare—at each step of the aquaculture production chain.

GSI logo

Global Salmon Initiative

If there is one thing everyone can agree upon, it is that significant change is needed in our food systems to ensure they can meet growing demand, conserve the world’s resources, and provide nutritious food. We believe that collaboration is the only way to drive this change, and to work together to ensure responsible, sustainable food systems.

Humpback whale leaps from Sea of Cortez.

Promise of Patagonia

Chilean salmon is raised in the pure cold waters of coastal Patagonia. As stewards of this remarkable ecology, Salmón de Chile proudly produces high-quality salmon using environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture. We are farmers committed to performing with honesty, integrity, and in the best interest of consumers, our members, employees, and the environment. This is our promise: a conscious and sustainable collaboration between nature and nurture.

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